7350SU Residential Drop Spreader

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Perfect for smaller yards, the 7350SU Drop spreader makes quick work for maintaining these areas. Drop spreaders dispense the material straight down from the hopper, minimizing drift or applying in areas you did not want. The 75lb/34kg capacity rustproof poly hopper provides 22” of spread coverage with a single pass. Fully assembled with a folding handle, the 7350SU is ready to go from box to lawn in seconds, and stores easily when not in use. The easy use gauge & lever assembly is designed to allow the user complete control over the application rate of material. Included is a Rate Calculation Matrix to assist you in setting your spreader for all of today’s granular products including organic materials. The 8” deep-lug poly wheels will decrease slippage and provide a balanced drop pattern. The 7350SU is the premier Residential Drop Spreader manufactured today.

  • 75lb/34kg Hopper capacity – rustproof poly construction
  • 100lb/45kg Load bearing capacity - what the frame will support
  • 8"/20m diameter deep-lug poly wheels
  • Epoxy coated chassis
  • Direct drive agitator
  • Fully Assembled
  • Rate Calculation Matrix included
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime tech support

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