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Posted on Friday, November 28 2014 by earthway admin

Sep 2-4 2014 Windsor, Berkshire Windsor Racecourse

EarthWay throw down the gauntlet!

SALTEX 2014 saw the launch of the industry’s most exciting spreader in 25 years! Extremely well received, the revolutionary new EarthWay EV-N-SPRED® FLEX SELECT series allows users to benefit from one preader capable of spreading a wide range of materials accurately, economically and efficiently, all year round.  The unique three tray output system allows users to select the most suitable tray for the application at hand. Intelligent design of the impellor provides up to 50% increase in the spreading width making the Flex Select the most efficient spreader EarthWay have ever produced. The exclusive oscillating shut off creates a totally new kind of agitation in the hopper which significantly improves the flow of material with poor flow characteristics.

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